Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be scared?

That’s the whole idea … Enjoy … Aaaargh!

What age Group is Farmaphobia suitable for?

Farmaphobia is recommended for over 16s however younger visitors i.e. 13 yrs and over may attend but they MUST have a responsible adult on-site.
The adult does not have to go into the haunted areas but must be here in case someone gets a bad fright.
NO young children will be allowed on site.

Can we go in a Pod of 2 or 3?

You can go in a Pod of 2 or 3, but you will need to pay for a minimum of a Pod of 4.

Can we go with more that 6 on a bus?

You may come on a bus with more than 6 people, but you will only be allowed off the bus in Pods of a maximum of 6 at a time.

Does everyone in the pod have to travel in the same car?

No, you can come in more than one car but stay in your cars until we call you. The car park has been divided into zones and you will park in the area marked with your time slot.

What about the weather?

This year the event will be all out doors. Wear your wellies, wear lots of layers and bring your rain gear and be ready for any weather.

Are there any discounted tickets available?

The best value tickets are for a pod of 6 people to come to Farmaphobia together.

How long does it take to go through the attractions?

The attractions will take more than 1 hour. The maximum amount of time anyone can be on site is 1 ½ hours. All entries will be times so there will be no queuing this year.

Can I turn up and Pay on the day or do I need to Pre-Book?

All tickets must be booked in advance in a pod of 4, 5, or 6 tickets.

What happens if I arrive without tickets?

You will have to wait for the next available time slot. If the event is listed as sold out online, please do not come to Famraphobia as you will not gain entry.

What is the refund policy?

If you cancel more than seven days before your booking date we will give you a full refund. If you need to cancel less than seven days and up to 24 hours from your booking time we will offer a 50% refund. All refunds are subject to a €5 administration charge.

If this event is cancelled due to Covid-19 or you are prevented from travelling due to local restrictions, we will issue a full refund.  Our full Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy can be found here

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, are self-isolating, are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test or have been in contact with someone who has the virus or is awaiting test results, we will try to reschedule your booking or offer a full refund.

I cannot get through to your phone line?

We are very sorry but the lines are extremely busy – please leave us a voice message or email your phone number to and we will call you back.

Are you the same as Spooktacular?

No, Haunted Spooktacular at Grove Gardens is a completely different scare attraction which is held on the same road as Farmaphobia at Causey Farm. You must pass Haunted Spooktacular to get to Farmaphobia (from most directions!)

Will we dress up?

​You’re very welcome to dress up … it is completely optional and it can make the whole event more enjoyable. Please don’t forget to wear face masks at all times.

Are bags allowed?

No you cannot bring bags to Farmaphobia – they will only be a nuisance when you are running for your life!

What happens if I am so scared I want to leave?

Ask your guide and they will be able to arrange to return to the entrance.

However we warn you now that the event is very scary and so your money will not be refunded.

Is the event Wheelchair accessible?

Most of the event is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Are there any health concerns?

Be aware that you will experience loud noises, strobe lighting and sudden events so we advise you not to come if you have a heart condition, epilepsy or any other condition which might be affected by such things.

Can you go to Farmaphobia if you are pregnant?

We do not recommend the event for pregnant ladies, just in case they slipped or bumped into something.

Can you go to Farmaphobia if you are pregnant?

We do not recommend the event for pregnant ladies, just in case they slipped or bumped into something.

Is there alcohol available?

This is a NO ALCOHOL event. It is our strict policy to refuse entry to anyone under the influence of alcohol.
Please do not bring bags or backpacks as they are not allowed in to the event.

All buses will be met on arrival by our staff. If any underage passenger is under the influence of alcohol, all passengers will be refused entry and no refunds will be issued. This is a health and safety issue and we reserve the right to protect you and everyone on-site.

Fireworks are not allowed under any circumstances as they might affect the animals on the farm.

Is there food onsite?

There will be a chip van here as usual, access will be socially distanced.

What happens if there is a lockdown?

If there is a lock down in County Meath and the event has to be cancelled, all tickets will be fully refunded.

What precautions have been introduced to keep everyone safe at Farmaphobia?

Hand washing facilities with soap and water in place.

All movement throughout the event will be controlled, socially distanced and strictly one way.

There will be a set time interval between each pod entering the haunts.

Tickets allow access to all three outdoor haunts and ticket-holders must remain in pods at all times.

It is mandatory for all visitors and staff to wear face covering at all times to ensure the safety of everyone.

There will be less than half the capacity that we had last year so there will be no crowds.

As you move through the attraction you must maintain at least a 2 metre distance from all other pods. The whole event will be timed and will have a much smaller capacity than other years … we mean it when we say NO-ONE WILL HEAR YOU SCREAM!

You must use the hand sanitising stations that are positioned throughout the event.Do not visit if you have symptoms of COVID-19, are self-isolating, in travel quarantine, are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test or have been in contact with someone who has the virus or is awaiting test results.

Should we arrive early?

​We ask that you plan to be here ten minutes early to allow for all the pods to be organised safely. Please do not be late.

What other events happen at Causey Farm?

For full information on all the events here at Causey Farm please check