Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be scared?

That’s the whole idea … Enjoy … Aaaargh!

What age Group is Farmaphobia suitable for?

Farmaphobia is recommended for over 16s however younger visitors i.e. 13 yrs and over may attend but they MUST have a responsible adult on-site. The adult does not have to go into the haunted areas but must be here in case someone gets a bad fright. There is a coffee shop where people can wait.

NO young children will be allowed onsite.

Our Pooka Spooka Events run at other times, and are perfect for younger visitors. Anyone under sixteen must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

What about the weather?

The events are almost all indoors – you will need to go outside to move from venue to venue. Just wear suitable raingear and wellies or shoes suitable for the possibility of mud and all should be well. Don’t forget it is cold in October so wear lots of layers.

Are there any discounted tickets available?

There is a discount of €1 per ticket for groups of over 15 people – Please phone us to book on 046 9434135.

How long does it take to go through the attractions?

Some people race get through everything in little more than an hour, and some spend two or three hours here. It all depends on how SCARED you are!

Can I turn up and Pay on the day or do I need to Pre-Book?

Yes you need to pre-book, either online or call 046 9434135.

No tickets will be held without a deposit or full payment.

What happens if I arrive without tickets?

You may not be admitted or you may have to queue or wait until much later to be admitted.

What is the refund policy?

If you cancel more than seven days before your booking date we will give you a full refund. If you need to cancel less than seven days and up to 24 hours from your booking time we will offer a full credit note or a 50% refund.

Please note: all refunds are subject to a €5 administration charge.

I cannot get through to your phone line?

We are very sorry but the lines are extremely busy – please leave us a voice message or email your phone number to and we will call you back.

Are you the same as Spooktacular?

No, Haunted Spooktacular at Grove Gardens is a completely different scare attraction which is held on the same road as Farmaphobia at Causey Farm. You must pass Haunted Spooktacular to get to Farmaphobia (from most directions!)

Will we dress up?

You’re very welcome to dress up … it is completely optional and it can make the whole event more enjoyable.

Are bags allowed?

No you cannot bring bags to Farmaphobia – they will only be a nuisance when you are running for your life!

What happens if I am so scared I want to leave?

Ask your guide and they will be able to arrange to return to the entrance.

However we warn you now that the event is very scary and so your money will not be refunded.

Is the event Wheelchair accessible?

Most of the event is not suitable for wheelchairs.

Are there any health concerns?

Be aware that you will experience loud noises, strobe lighting and sudden events so we advise you not to come if you have a heart condition, epilepsy or any other condition which might be affected by such things.

Can you go to Farmaphobia if you are pregnant?

We do not recommend the event for pregnant ladies, just in case they slipped or bumped into something.

Is there alcohol available?

This is a NO ALCOHOL event. It is our strict policy to refuse entry to anyone under the influence of alcohol.
Please do not bring bags or backpacks as they are not allowed in to the event.

All buses will be met on arrival by our staff. If any underage passenger is under the influence of alcohol, all passengers will be refused entry and no refunds will be issued. This is a health and safety issue and we reserve the right to protect you and everyone on-site.

Fireworks are not allowed under any circumstances as they might affect the animals on the farm.

Should we arrive early?

A few minutes early would be helpful. Please do not be late.

What other events happen at Causey Farm?

For full information on all the events here at Causey Farm please check