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Become a Scare Actor at Farmaphobia

If you fancy yourself as a Scare Actor, you will be placed in one of our terrifying attractions. From twisted clowns to the living-dead, our roles offer you the chance to shock and disturb any guest who dares step into your sight. That’s right, you get the chance to make people’s Nightmares come true!

As a Farmaphobia Actor, you can expect to:

  • Perform in a terrifying scare maze.
  • Work in a variety of environments including strobes, smoke and darkness.
  • Wear masks, prosthetics, theatrical make-up and more.
  • Work both indoors and outdoors in all types of weather.
  • Work long hours whilst performing a physically demanding, high-energy role.

Auditions for 2022

Auditions take place in early September (See below for dates).

Scare Actors: 

You will need to be a talented, versatile and enthusiastic actor with previous experience and/or ability in improvisational theatre. Scare mazes are very demanding, so you will need to be physically fit with good stamina and endurance.
Farmaphobia will run from Oct 1st through to October 31st. There will be rehearsals before these dates.


Before you decide to step into the spotlight as a Farmaphobia Performer, think seriously about the job requirements. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you willing to work in dark, smoky and potentially claustrophobic conditions?
  • Are you open to the possibility of wearing prosthetics, masks, contact lenses etc?
  • Are you fit enough to work in a physically challenging role for long periods of time?
  • Are you willing to work in a high-pressure environment where schedules, times and requirements are ever changing?
  • If the answer to all of those questions is ‘YES’ then you could be the perfect Cast Member for us!

What happens at the auditions?

We have a group briefing and we will give everyone a very short opportunity to scare us … Some people come in full makeup, but there is no need for this.

We are looking for people with the confidence and energy to put people out of their comfort zones. We need people who will delight in chasing poor visitors who want to be terrified. The more terrifying and creepy the better.

We also need people who can work well with other team members – there is no room for high-maintenance actors … and no time to stop between scares. High energy but high levels of fun.

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