Farmaphobia is Ireland’s largest Halloween Interactive Theatrical Experience with 5 amazing and diverse Haunt Experiences which will terrify and push your nerves to the limit staffed by a team of over 200 Scare Actors.


Journey through a frightful evening of screams and laughter… eerie corners, blood-curdling frights, ghoulish entertainers, heart-pounding, adrenalin pumping, life-threatening fear… your worst nightmares come true!

The Attractions

Farmphobia consists of 5 terrifying experiences with lots of other scaretainment taking place around the farm, guaranteeing a unique and great and different night out.

WWII Zombies

WWII Zombies

The Third Reich army have risen from the dead to seek revenge on those who buried them. You and your squad must answer the call of duty and end the war once and for all. Your mission is simple. Send the Undead Army back to Hell!

Area 51

Area 51


It’s not a myth or a conspiracy. We have the crop circles to prove it! In 2019, you’ll finally see the aliens hidden behind its walls. We’re going to Storm Area 51, they can’t stop all of us.

The Morgue

Mutation Morgue


After an experiment went terribly wrong, a new strain of the bubonic plague was released, causing the corpses to mutate into grotesque monstrosities. You must slide into the morgue drawer and navigate the quarantined nightmare.

The Facility

The Facility


At the Feelwell Facility, we promise to make all your little worries go away. Need a Prescription for Fear? All you need is a smile. We will MAKE that frown turn upside-down whether you like it or not!!!




Step Right Up, Step Right Up! The Farmaphobia Funhouse is in town! We’ve got crazy  clowns, psychotic puppets and a frightful freakshow. Be warned, those who enter our house of illusions, don’t always find their way back out.

Farmaphobia is Ireland’s largest Halloween Interactive Theatrical Experience with 5 amazing and diverse Haunt Experiences which will terrify and push your nerves to the limit staffed by a team of over 200 Scare Actors.

Escape Rooms

Locked in a room. Three minutes to escape. Do you have what it takes to get out alive?

Our Escape Rooms have been a huge hit for the past 3 years and we will have 2 brand new Escape Rooms for you to test your wits at Farmaphobia 2019. We’ve ramped up the production to give you the best ever 3 minute escape rooms at Farmaphobia.

**Online escape room tickets now available**

Area 51, Groom Lake, Nevada

Present Day

The fate of the world lies in your hands. In 1947, an alien Queen laid her eggs near Roswell, New Mexico. These eggs were frozen in cryogenic storage in Area 51. Three eggs are now missing. If you can’t find these eggs and place them back into the nest within three minutes, the queen will return them herself…Each escape room has a different setting and is designed as a puzzle which you have to solve!

Elementary: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

London, England, 1888

Only you can save Sherlock Holmes. Held by an evil cult, if the police can’t save him before the appointed time, he will be sacrificed. You must telegraph Scotland Yard with the name of his Kidnappers before the clock runs out.



The Farmaphobia experience would not be complete without our premium scaretainers who prowl the Farmaphobia Nightscape to scare & terrorise unwitting visitors.

Of Course your experience would not be complete without the return of DJ Spooks who will be performing nightly and if you’re brave enough he might even pose for a selfie!

What our Visitors Say

  • Louise Usher AvatarLouise Usher

    great night...really enjoyed it... - 10/18/2019 

    Andreea Grigoras AvatarAndreea Grigoras

    Great night everything really well put together I'd definitely recommend it - 10/18/2019 

    Tracy Cummins AvatarTracy Cummins

    Absolutely the BEST craic we've had in ages - the morgue and the fun house scared the life out of me 🤣🤣🤣 Really scary, and great staff, I'll definitely be back next year! - 10/18/2019 

  • Elaine Mc Givern AvatarElaine Mc Givern

    Brilliant , great , well organized, everyone delighted with the experience. - 10/17/2019 

    Sarah Keane AvatarSarah Keane

    brilliant well worth the money - 10/17/2019 

    Chloe Carty AvatarChloe Carty

    It is really good , so much fun at it - 10/15/2019 

  • Amy Ennis AvatarAmy Ennis

    It’s scary, fun and a great place to go with your friends ! - 10/12/2019 

    Trice X Hennessy AvatarTrice X Hennessy

    Had the best time last night at Farmaphobia never screamed so much 😂😂 deffo be going again!! - 10/06/2019 

    Aaron Fitzgerald AvatarAaron Fitzgerald

    it was good crack for a laugh but there makeup was really bad like kids Halloween makeup 😂😂 did not get one scare as I seen them come from other people and the masks are a down fall not one bit of it frightened me but maybe next year it gets better 💀😡 - 10/06/2019 

  • Elaine Egan AvatarElaine Egan

    I tought it was was brilliant well worth the money the zombie world war was great. Really recommend to go its spooky as well 🙂 should return next year - 10/06/2019 

    Carrie Pixie Sebald AvatarCarrie Pixie Sebald

    absolutely brilliant, had a great time - 10/05/2019 

    Donna Coughlan AvatarDonna Coughlan

    would definitely recommend great laugh and atmosphere. - 10/05/2019 

  • Moira Mc Gahon AvatarMoira Mc Gahon

    Brilliant nite well done to all involved you put a great show on - 10/05/2019 

    Stephen Jason Ryan AvatarStephen Jason Ryan

    good craic wear wellys though - 9/08/2019 

    Carine Poletti AvatarCarine Poletti

    Super soirée d’Halloween �� - 11/04/2018 

  • Kevin Hegarty AvatarKevin Hegarty

    Really enjoyed Farmaphobia Vary scary the mirror house was vary funny and confusing 😂 the the best part was the morgue haha - 11/01/2018 

    Sandra Harte AvatarSandra Harte

    Brilliant experience from start to finish very well done will defo be going back 💀 - 11/01/2018 

    Aoife Lynam AvatarAoife Lynam

    Seriously scary and so much fun. We had such a laugh and my throat hurts from screaming 😱 It is such a great set up, I would highly recommend going 👻🎃 - 10/31/2018 

  • Shell Gore AvatarShell Gore

    I've ALWAYS wanted to go to Farmaphobia and this year I won tickets to go Halloween night. Only home now and I had the best time EVER. the flights were plenty and I'm not an easily frightened person. I already can't wait to go back next year. I've already told my brothers and sisters and anyone who'll listen how awesome it is. Great job guys. - 10/31/2018 

    Aisling Hagan AvatarAisling Hagan

    I dont recommend anything. It was so fun - 10/31/2018 

    Brid Higgins AvatarBrid Higgins

    absolutely outdone yourselves this year.... can't wait for next year well done to all the team at causey farm.. brilliant night out.. - 10/31/2018 

  • Leanne Smyth AvatarLeanne Smyth

    Absolutely brilliant night from start to finish. Scarers were fantastic and houses so well put together. Great experience, well done all 👍 - 10/31/2018 

    Nikki Moans AvatarNikki Moans

    ah fair play, was brilliant well done to all the staff - 10/30/2018 

    Jenn Spittal AvatarJenn Spittal

    Amazing experience..never screamed so much in my life! It is so well done and the staff are fantastic at their jobs. - 10/30/2018 

  • Paulette Reilly AvatarPaulette Reilly

    First time there last night with my husband & kids and have to say it was brilliant from start to finish....from scares to laughter we had a ball... We'll done to all the actors they made our experience a great one �well worth the money would recommend it to anyone ....� - 10/30/2018 

    Ali Joubert AvatarAli Joubert

    Great night - all staff are awesome , very well done - 10/30/2018 

    Kellie-Ann Kenny AvatarKellie-Ann Kenny

    what an amazing place! We had the best time! Definitely worth the drive down 😁 - 10/30/2018 

Prices and Booking

Nightmare Pass: Access all 5 Haunts

Scream Pass:  Access 3 Haunts: Mutation Morgue Morgue, The Facility, WWII Zombies

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Farmaphobia By Bus

For 2019 We are operating a bus service on 20th, 29th and 31st October, departing the Gresham Hotel 18:00 and TGI Friday's Blancahrdstown at 18:30. Please book below.

Note:  The Farmaphobia show will commence at 7.30pm.